Invisalign Express Braces, Wokingham

Invisalign Express is the latest version of Invisalign braces.

They have been designed specifically to treat very mild orthodontic issues like crowding, spacing or crooked teeth.

The treatment with these braces are typically quicker than fixed braces and for this reason, i7 has been very popular with patients throughout Maidenhead, Eton, Sunningdale and beyond.

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Why Choose Invisalign Express Braces?

  • If you have mild crowding or spacing issues, these invisible braces are the perfect way to get straight teeth discreetly and quickly
  • These clear braces are practically invisible; most people won’t even know that you’re wearing braces!
  • Each set of aligners are custom made for your teeth
  • Unlike fixed braces, there are no brackets or wires
  • These invisible braces are comfortable and flexible. You can take them out to brush and floss and they can be removed for important events like a wedding
  • You can continue to enjoy your usual meals and not worry about any food being trapped in your braces
  • Every patient is different, but most Invisalign 7 braces takes just three months

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How Do Invisalign Express Braces Work?

Just like Invisalign braces, i7 works by gently moving your teeth into the correct position through a series of clear braces. The main difference with Invisalign Express is that they use a series of up to seven aligners. This means that the process is much quicker and in most cases your treatment can be completed in just three months.

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How Much Do Invisalign Express Braces Cost?

On average, Invisalign Express braces treatment will cost £1,495 and can be paid as £32 per month.

This price includes:

  • A free initial consultation with your orthodontist
  • A free 3D scan worth £350
  • Free teeth whitening worth £345

Understandably, many people are worried about the cost of braces. Our flexible payment plans can help provide you with affordable braces. Invisalign Express braces are available for just £2.50 per day. Find out more about our interest free finance plan.

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