Get the sparkling smile you’ve always wanted! Our teeth whitening treatments are specifically designed by our expert team of orthodontists and cosmetic dentists to lift stains and bring out the true natural whiteness of your teeth.  

Which whitening treatment should I opt for? 

The type of whitening treatment we recommend depends on your teeth and the desired level of sparkle you’re looking for. Some teeth have strong enamel that can take a lot of bleaching and abrasion, while others are much more sensitive and require a delicate touch.  

We’ll always sit down with you in a personal consultation and talk through your options, to ensure we can offer you a bespoke treatment that works perfectly for you. 

Many things you take for granted in your daily life can, in fact, darken and stain your teeth. Things like coffee, red wine, tea and smoking can discolour your teeth — and eating acidic foods and drinking acidic drinks, such as citrus fruits, fizzy drinks and even smoothies can erode some of your enamel. This means your protective layer is weakened, which means your teeth will absorb stains more easily. 

What happens during the consultation? 

Once we’ve given you an examination to assess how well your teeth will take to various bespoke treatments, we create a mould of your teeth and then a harmless bleaching agent is added by you to a custom tray made to fit your mouth. This is what will whiten your teeth. By wearing this custom tray for a few short hours a day (or overnight) for up to three weeks, you can brighten your teeth and smile with complete confidence. 

Teeth whitening is not painful or uncomfortable, but if your teeth are sensitive or have been sensitive in the past, you may find they become a little more so for a short while after treatment. This is temporary and your teeth will recover in no time. 

What result can I expect from teeth whitening treatments? 

Teeth whitening treatments can provide great results and give you your ideal perfect smile. The effect won’t last as long if you don’t take care of your teeth, though. Continue to smoke or drink red wine, tea or coffee with newly bleached teeth and you may find that you re-stain them.  

You can help protect your teeth and keep their whiteness shining bright for longer by making sure you brush them well twice a day, ideally with a good electric toothbrush, to help reduce the build-up of stains.  

In between sessions with our team, you might also want to use whitening toothpaste to help maintain the effect — we can recommend our favourites to you, as well as suggesting other techniques to keep your smile bright. 

We can offer a range of payment plans to ensure you can afford the whitening treatment you want. Talk to our team today to find out how we can help put the sparkle back into your smile. 

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