Dental bridges in Wokingham

If you have gaps or spaces in your teeth, dental bridges can help. Bridges are often used to replace one or more missing teeth which, if left untreated can cause further problems with your bite. Unlike dentures, dental bridges are a permanent solution and are fixed to the natural teeth which surround the empty gap.

Patients throughout Maidenhead, Sunningdale, Eton, Dorney and beyond are opting for dental bridges as a safe and easy way to fill the gaps in their teeth.

Dental bridge procedure in Wokingham

Usually a dental bridge will be fitted over at least two appointments. The first appointment will be your initial free consultation where your dentist will assess your teeth and your needs.

At your next appointment, your tooth will be prepared to fit the dental bridge. Usually your existing tooth is reduced in size to let the bridge fit over the top. Then an impression or a mould is taken of your teeth so that your bridge can be custom made.

Your dentist will choose a colour for the bridge to fit your exact shade of teeth so that the bridge will blend in and look completely natural in appearance. You may be fitted with a temporary bridge whilst your new permanent bridge is being built.

At your final appointment, the temporary bridge is removed and your new bridge is fixed into place.

Many patients often ask, “how long do dental bridges last?” There is no reason why your bridge cannot last for many years providing you take good care and practice good hygiene of your dental bridge as you would do with your other teeth.

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Benefits of a dental bridge

  • Bridges help to improve the look of your teeth
  • With dental bridges, the gaps in your mouth are filled allowing you to smile with confidence!
  • Bridges can improve your dental bite
  • Dental bridges can prevent other teeth from moving

How much does a dental bridge cost?

Prices vary according to each individual treatment, but on average a dental bridge will cost from £550 per unit. We offer 0% interest on our dental bridges.

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